Running of the Bulls Outfit

White and Red for the festival of San Fermin

Running of the Bulls Outfit
Dress Code for the Festaival of San Fermin

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If you’re going to Run with the Bulls, you have to look the part.

White clothing: T-shirt and white shorts or pants.
Red accessories: Bandana, Belt, Socks and Neck Scarf

The Running of the Bulls is a traditional event that takes place annually in Pamplona, Spain, during the festival of San Fermín.

The festival usually begins on July 6th and continues for nine days. The Running of the Bulls, or “Encierro” in Spanish, is one of the most famous and controversial parts of the festival.

During the event, six Spanish fighting bulls, along with six steers, are released onto narrow, winding streets of the old town of Pamplona. The bulls run from a holding pen to the bullring, where they will later participate in bullfights. Participants run in front of the bulls, trying to lead them to the bullring without getting gored or trampled.

The Running of the Bulls has become an internationally known and attended event, attracting thrill-seekers and tourists from around the world. However, it is a dangerous activity that has led to injuries and fatalities over the years. Participants are advised to take precautions, such as wearing appropriate clothing and understanding the risks involved.

Critics argue the event is inhumane to the bulls and puts both animals and humans at unnecessary risk. Supporters, however, view it as a longstanding tradition and cultural spectacle.

It’s essential for those considering participation to be aware of the risks involved and to prioritise safety.

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